Our History

Mike and Debbie Sutherland were both teachers at Caldwell High School.  Debbie retired from teaching and Mike is serving as Burleson County Judge.  Debbie is quite content with retirement but Mike has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. But they both love being with people and creating memories. Mike finally talked Debbie into buying a piece of property just off the Square in downtown Caldwell and to open an eclectic reclaimed material, antique, and local craft shop. However, just a shop without a party is well, just a shop no matter how funky the junk. The backyard garden and outdoor displays will do double duty as a Europe meets Texas Biergarten.

reclaim, repurpose, rejoice!

Some old-fashion things like sunshine and fresh air are hard to beat!  Come enjoy a little junking and then join us at our beer garden for some small-town Texas fun!


Reclaim, Repurpose, Rejoice!

Gift Items, Antiques, Food and Drink